Leonicorn, A New Direction

3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Considering the performance of DEXs in the current crypto climate, and particularly observing the inflationary pressure being created through LEON emissions in Caves and Locked Staking, we have determined that action is required to improve and enhance the Leonicorn economy, and that changes to the platform are required.

As well as improving our existing games, we will add innovative and unique games to our platform. We have also brought an extra developer onboard to assist the rapid development of our NFT Marketplace and new NFT Staking innovations.

Through diligent research, we have determined that our planned changes will be a better fit for current trends, and in particular deliver what investors are currently looking for.

A new token and dividends

So let us introduce our exciting new development, The Den: a dividend pool which will sit at the center of the updated Leonicorn economy. The fees generated from all the features on our site will be used to fill The Den.

A new non-tradable token: CUBS, will grant holders a daily dividend drawn from The Den. Users will be able to earn this token by playing games, and buying NFTs in our marketplace.

For every $10 wagered on any game on our platform, players will earn 1 CUBS. The required amount wagered to earn 1 CUBS will increase in stages as CUBS is generated through the system, slowly reducing output over time.

Initially, depending on the game, we will accept LEOS, LEON, BNB and BUSD as payment to play. Later we will add other chains, coins and tokens. Playing with LEOS or LEON will give players a discount on the wagering requirement when earning CUBS. Playing with LEON will provide a 10% discount, playing with LEOS 13%. For example, if the wagering requirement to earn 1 CUBS is $10, then it would cost $9.00 when playing with LEON, or $8.70 when playing with LEOS.

Each day 2.5% of The Den will be distributed to CUBS holders, and 2.5% will go to the Leonicorn treasury. The treasury will be used for buybacks, marketing, platform expenses, and development.

The Plan

Starting next week, and over the next few weeks, we will be making changes to our platform. These will include:

Game additions

  • Dice
  • Bag Robbery
  • Pride Wars

Lottery changes

  • Addition of LEOS. Prizes to consist of both LEOS and LEON tokens.

Predictions changes

  • Players will be able to earn CUBS
  • Gameplay fees will be added to The Den


  • Hire additional dev for NFT Marketplace (Done!)


We plan to come out roaring with significant marketing as we launch the updated platform. This will include a wagering competition, content from influencers, online ads, and more.

Due to the scale of these changes we feel our existing name Leonicorn Swap fails to describe the platform adequately, from now on the platform will be known simply as Leonicorn, and when required followed by the tagline Swap — NFT — GameFi .

We’re extremely excited about these new plans, and believe this is going to make Leonicorn a sought-after crypto destination.

Get ready to mine!





LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model