2 min readAug 5, 2022

The much anticipated referral program for Leonicorn Ecosystem is now live. From the beginning it has been part of the driving force of the Leonicorn Team to create value and to ensure all ecosystem participants benefit from the value created. Over the past year our community, affectionately called the #LEOSARMY, have been a source of tremendous support and ally in all our pursuits. Consequently, the Leonicorn Team has always sought innovative ways to create and share more value with our community.

This inspired the creation of our industry first revenue sharing model, wherein all revenues generated on our ecosystem are put in a pool (DEN) and a proportion shared with all CUBS holders daily. All ecosystem activities, with the exception of staking & adding liquidity, generate CUBS tokens based on the Dollar volumes of such activities. Staking and providing liquidity are exempted because there is LEON token reward for them already.

By launching our referral program prior to the launch of our revenue sharing system, we are giving the perfect opportunity to the #LEOSARMY to build their affiliates and be in the position to have optimum benefits from the revenue sharing model.

What is the reward from the referral system?

The reward for the referral system is CUBS tokens. Everyone will automatically earn 5% of the CUBS tokens generated from the activities of their affiliates. For example if your affiliates generate a combined 1,000,000 CUBS tokens you will receive 50,000 tokens in rewards. The CUBS tokens can then be staked to earn part of the daily payments from the DEN.

How do I generate my referral code?

Referral codes are automatically generated for all unique addresses that connect to Leonicorn ecosystem. To copy one’s code click on the “GameFi” tab (Exhibit 1) followed by the “Referral” tab (Exhibit 2). Click on “Copy” (Exhibit 5) to copy your code for sharing with your potential affiliates. You can observe your total number of affiliates under your affiliate code.

How do I link a referral code to my wallet?

To link a referral code to your wallet click on the “GameFi” tab (Exhibit 1) followed by the “Referral” tab (Exhibit 2). Paste the code in the space under “Apply Code” (Exhibit 3) and click on “Apply” (Exhibit 4).




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