3 min readJan 5, 2023

How to Play Dice?

A guide on playing Dice Game on Leonicorn

What is Dice Game?

Dice is a luck-based game where in every roll, a random number is generated between 0.00 and 100.00. To win, you can choose if the result will be over or under a reference number. If you are correct, you win a multiplier of your bet based on the chance you choose.

  • The highest chance is Over 4 or Under 96, where the chance to win is 94%, and the multiplier for the win is x1.0126, the bet amount.
  • The lowest chance is Over 96 or Under 4, where the chance to win is 4%, and the multiplier for the win is x24.624, the bet amount.

What currencies can I use to play the Dice game?

You can play with $LEON, $BUSD, $BNB $ZBC. More currencies will be added in due course.

How do you deposit to play Dice Games?

Having launched the Dice game, click on “wallet” followed by “Deposit” from the resulting pop-up menu. Click on the drop-down dialog box to choose the crypto you want to deposit (step 3), enter the amount of tokens (step 4) and click on “Deposit) to complete

How to play Dice?

You need to know a few important things about Dice, and we will explain them. Each number in the list will match the explanation of the function in the image of what the number is pointing at

  1. Token selector: selects the crypto you want to play the dice game with
  2. Token balance: displays the current balance of the selected token
  3. Prediction: your predicted number, which will be compared to the reference number for winning or losing bet.
  4. Lucky number: the resulting number for a game round. For instance, if you predicted “over 50” and the lucky number was 86.64, you win the game round.
  5. Number prediction bar: Slide the left or right to choose your prediction number between 4 and 96.
  6. Prediction direction: toggle between “over” or “under” your prediction number.
  7. Win multiplier: the win multiplier associated with your chosen prediction number.
  8. Prediction summary: displays current prediction number and direction.
  9. Win chance: the probability of winning your current prediction.
  10. Bet amount: input current bet amount for the game round
  11. Place bet: click on this button to manually play a game round
  12. My locked CUBS: The $CUBS tokens you have earned on the Leonicorn ecosystem. Tokens are locked automatically as you earn them.

How to auto-play Dice

Dice games can be set up to play rounds automatically, so the player does not have to click the play button for each round. There are five (5) options to choose from when setting up auto-play. If none of the options is selected, the game will go on until your bankroll runs out.

  1. AUTO: click on this button to switch from default manual play to autoplay
  2. Bet Amount: input the bet amount for each round of the auto-play.
  3. Number of bets: input the total number of rounds for the auto-play session.
  4. Stop loss: input the loss limit at which the auto-play session should end.
  5. On Loss (%): input the loss limit as a percentage of your starting bankroll.
  6. Stop on Profit: input the profit limit at which the auto-play session should end.
  7. On Win (%): input the profit limit as a percentage of your starting bankroll.

8. Place Bet: click on this to start the auto-play session.

Visit https://dex.leonicornswap.com/dice to play Dice.




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