3 min readMay 11, 2022

It is an exciting moment for the #Leosarmy as we prepare to host the much anticipated $GCR Initial Jungle Offering (IJO) on Leonicorn Swap launchpad. This brief is intended to provide details about the project, IJO and the format for conducting the IJO.

What is Gold Coin Reserve (GCR)?

Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) is a tradable digital asset that is pinned to the price of 1 troy oz of gold. The GCR digital asset that sits at the core of the new GCR Network™ will have a proof of stake function that allows wallet holders to mine the asset at a 10% annual return.

Until the GCR Network™ goes live in the coming weeks, the GCR digital assets operate on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain (both currently available) for user convenience.

Users are rewarded for locking their assets in Locked Staking on Leonicorn Swap which allows the users to grow their assets.

IJO Sale Details

Sale starts: 12:00 PM UTC on Thursday 12th May 2022

Sale ends: 11:59 PM UTC on Thursday 19th May 2022 or until available tokens are sold out.

Amount to be raised: $100,000 in BUSD

Tokens to be sold: 71.43 GCR

Price per token: $1,400 BUSD ($1,751 minus 20% discount)

Method: Unlimited Sale

To Participate in the IJO

Before Sale:

  • Stake LEON or LEOS token under LOCKED STAKING section on Leonicorn Swap
  • Observe the amount of BUSD you can commit based on value of your staked LEON or LEOS

During Sale:

  • Commit BUSD to “Unlimited Sale”

After Sale:

  • Upon the completion of sale, claim your GCR tokens. If you have unspent BUSD it will be sent to you automatically after claiming your GCR tokens.
  • GCR is tied to the spot price of 1 troy oz of gold. Tokens will be sold at a 20% discount
  • 20% of user allocation can be claimed once IJO is over and the remaining 80% will be released linearly for 8 months. That is, 10% for each month.
  • GCR liquidity will be added after IJO is completed and also a daily sell limit will be enabled.

Unlimited Sale (70% of sale allocation for LEON & 30% for LEOS)

As one would guess, the “unlimited” session has no limit on the amount each participant can contribute. However, the participation fee applies to this session. A total of 70% of sale allocation is available for locked staking of LEON and the remaining 30% for locked staking of LEOS.

Leonicorn Swap Meat

BUSD-GCR liquidity pool will be opened following the end of the IJO which will provide 2x $LEON rewards.

Project Details

Project: Gold Coin Reserve (GCR)

Website: https://www.goldcoinreserve.io/Home

Contract Address:

ETH: 0x37F6F8eb409DEB9fEAf032c109A72319F665C79D

BSC: 0x451d0e4b04a16223bbaece67b2276223db0d19da

Twitter: www.twitter.com/goldcoinreserve

Telegram: https://t.me/goldcoinrsrv


All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project. The responsibility for any investment losses is not the burden of Leonicorn Swap.




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