Leonicorn Swap: Bringing a Multi-chain Prediction Market Revolution to Binance Smart Chain.

5 min readJan 30, 2022


Leonicorn Swap: Bringing a Multi-chain Prediction Market Revolution to Binance Smart Chain.

We define the next generation of decentralized exchanges with a multi-chain NFT marketplace and prediction market platform.

Leonicorn Swap is ready to make big moves in the DeFi and NFT space in 2022. The decentralised exchange will launch many new features, including a multi-chain NFT marketplace and prediction markets.

Leonicorn Swap is an up and coming dual token DEX platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. Through advanced features, unparalleled dedication to security, and an ambitious roadmap, the platform is set to explode onto the DeFi scene in 2022.

Unlike other platforms in the DeFi space, Leonicorn Swap has an unwavering dedication to providing user support. Besides active communities across the usual social media platforms, Leonicorn Swap also provides integrated 24hr live support from within the DEX itself, allowing users to get direct, secure, specialised, and responsive help around the clock.

Over the next few months, Leonicorn Swap will start releasing many exciting new features to complement its existing features, creating multi-chain Prediction Markets and NFT Marketplace.

Multi-chain Prediction Markets come to Leonicorn Swap.

Leonicorn Swap is poised to launch its native multi-chain predictions market, a true industry first. In this market, users will partake in exciting, fast-paced price predictions to win prizes. Initially, the prediction market will open for BNB/USDT, with MATIC/USDT (Polygon), AVAX, and Fantom all following soon after the initial release. Leonicorn Swap will not stop there. The team is planning an expansion, with other blockchains following in due course. These other chains will represent new utility for some coins, opening Leonicorn Swap up to large untapped markets.

Prediction is a thrilling game where users test their analytical powers and pit themselves against each other by predicting whether the price of their chosen coin will rise or fall throughout a five-minute window. If predicted correctly, the player wins a prize, paid out in that currency.

The Leonicorn Swap Predictions Markets will feature a slick and user-friendly design, with functioning integrated trading charts, allowing users to fully engage their analytical skills — when making their predictions — without the need to open additional tabs.

Multi-chain NFT Marketplace

In February, Leonicorn Swap will shake the NFT world with the launch of its multi-chain NFT marketplace, initially providing connectivity for Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Solana. The marketplace’s launch will coincide with its partner NFT project Leonicorn Royals, which will deliver a combination of beautiful artwork and powerful utility. With low minting fees and access to a broad market, it is little surprise NFT artists are queuing to mint on the platform. HOWEVER, the NFT marketplace won’t just deliver for artists, with investors enjoying discounts for Leonicorn Swap native token holders and a mysterious feature known as Lootbox.

Staking and Farming on Leonicorn Swap

Leonicorn Swap offers investors many ways to earn rewards even from existing features.

In Caves, investors can stake the native tokens, LEOS and LEON.

In Meat, users will find farms where they can stake liquidity provider tokens for impressive rewards across a growing selection of famous liquidity pairs. Meat includes a range of stable coin options and pairs for NFT project tokens like MOBOX and AXS.

Imminent updates will bring improvements to Caves and Meat, allowing investors to earn rewards in the form of partner tokens.

Additionally, a locked staking feature allows users to lock LEOS in longer-term pools where fixed LEOS rewards can be earned. Besides paying fixed LEON rewards, the LEON closed staking pools also form an integral part of the IJO Launchpad functionality.

IJO Launchpad Platform on Leonicorn Swap

The IJO Launchpad platform was launched on January 14, 2022, with the inaugural IJO raising $260,000. The project chosen was a play-to-earn multiplayer battle royale shooter game called Annihilation from Crisis Entertainment. Annihilation will feature its internal economy using the ANCE token as the in-game currency to purchase skins, weapons, player traits, and NFTs.

Initially available on Android devices, the Annihilation team has a detailed roadmap, including playable NFTs, blockchain integration, and releases across multiple platforms. Full details can be found on their website.

Leonicorn Swap’s IJO Launchpad platform uses a simple ‘stake for allocation’ model.

Each IJO partner is carefully vetted and certified by the Leonicorn Swap team to ensure the project is as safe and secure as possible and will deliver long term benefits for users.

The IJO offers users a choice of a Basic Sale or a concurrent Unlimited Sale, with the IJO tokens divided between both sales. The Basic Sale is limited to $100 worth of BUSD and is designed to offer smaller investors a fair opportunity to compete for an allocation. The Unlimited Sale allows users to commit any value of BUSD up to the value of their locked LEON tokens. However, this is subject to a participation fee. Users are free to enter both sales if they wish. After completing the sales, users will receive their share of the IJO tokens, together with any unused BUSD

To receive an IJO allocation, users must first buy and then stake the Leonicorn Swap native token, LEON. Once purchased, they need to lock their LEON tokens within the DEX’s Locked Staking function for a minimum of 30 days. During that time, they will earn rewards in the form of additional LEON tokens, and all of these tokens will be released to the user at the end of the locking period. Once locked, users will be eligible to commit BUSD, equal to the value of their locked LEON tokens, to purchase IJO tokens.

IJO token holders will find exciting investment opportunities on Leonicorn Swaps, such as farming pools.

Shortly after completion of each IJO, the next IJO project will be launched, and users who still have LEON tokens locked will remain eligible to commit their BUSD in this IJO as well.

With a keen eye for success, Leonicorn Swap has the vision to help launch legitimate projects into the Defi world on a regular schedule, making a name for itself as the trustworthy go-to source when it comes to investing in up-and-coming projects.

Leonicorn Swap Lottery

The Lottery function allows users to play the odds and win big for users looking for a chance to win big prizes. The Leonicorn Swap lottery is powered through a partnership with Chainlink, utilising their Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that ensures winning numbers are selected relatively and verifiably.

Users can purchase tickets using their LEON tokens, with each ticket costing the equivalent of USD 3. Winning numbers are drawn every 24 hours.

The user can either manually select their six lucky numbers, between 0 and 9, or allow the UI to assign their numbers randomly. The winning numbers must be matched in the correct order to win. Each prize pool is set as a percentage of the total prize pot.

With so many new features and offerings on the horizon from Leonicorn Swap, there is a fantastic opportunity to join this project while it’s still in its infancy. In addition, the platform offers a chance to join an exciting protocol, with plans for expansion into industry first multi-chain and cross-chain functionality. We look forward to watching this sleeping giant grow to its full potential.




LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model