Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE

7 min readSep 10, 2022

1) Will we have not only Referral Codes but also Referral Links?

Yes, we are looking to add referral links as well. The reason we didn’t go with links initially for referrals is because it’s an off-chain on-chain hybrid product, so you need to be connected to the DEX to use it. Meaning you’d need to copy and paste the link in a Dapp browser on mobile for it to work. You can’t follow the link directly from Twitter for instance on mobile cause it will most likely open on your phone’s default browser, making it look like referrals don’t work

2) How will we make sure that the den will be safe from hack?

It has always been part of our practice to prioritize security for any feature we roll out and it will be no different for the DEN. All smart contracts will be thoroughly vetted for any vulnerabilities before we launch.

3) For lottery, will gas fees be improved so you don’t need to pay gas on each ticket bought? This was a big issue for adoption last time

Lottery will be off-chain based, so you’ll be able to use your off-chain wallet to play.

You’ll need to deposit funds to your off-chain wallet which will cost gas fees but playing lottery itself won’t cost any additional gas fees.

4) I think we should stop the emission of Leon till launch as people selling, those who are earning from caves with Leos staking! Leos is still above presale price but Leon is 10x below presale price! We should now focus more on Leon price sustainability

By design LEON is the reward token for providing liquidity. Stopping emissions means there will be no reason for individuals to supply liquidity. What we have done already is reducing the emission rate and we may further reduce emissions.

5) Can we reach out to investors groups to do AMA and calls at least twice a week?

Our marketing plan going forward is a combination of many activities that we believe will give us optimum results. Whenever we believe AMA with the right community is appropriate it will be included.

6) In the last 2 months the chat have been more on the side of admins talking to each other than normal community talk, so can we appoint an admin to be in charge of telegram engagement?

The appetite for many to chat changes over time as circumstances in their personal life and in the crypto market in general change. We do recognize the level of engagement in our chat is above average and it lies with the entire community to keep real conversations going.

We will be doing a lot more community activities to whip up the appetite for engagement.

7) Also on admin points, it’s not right to have all the current admins with tag “admin” so I suggest to modify some to be “Dev team” and some “mods”

Thank you for your observation. We will work on this to ensure tags are more reflective of the roles of Team members

8) Can we change our name? Something more simple and short? Maybe just LCS, or LeoCorn, or even far from our current name like UltraDex … etc

We believe most in the community don’t mind their alias as the #Leosarmy. However if necessary we will hold a community pool for potential change.

9) What about discount for mining? $LEOS $LEON or other crypto will have discount?

As we previously communicated, discounts will apply for mining with our ecosystem tokens. This could be extended to other tokens if we believe there is a strategic benefit for doing so (for example — KCC)

10) What about our partners? Alpaca Finance, Startfi, Btok, Chainlink, Chips? They can help us, with launch, marketing or something else?

The nature of the relationship we have with our partners are diverse. We leave the door open to doing joint marketing activities as and when the situation demands it and it’s going to be mutu.

It is important that everyone will understand that every partner brings its owen benefits and not all is about getting funding from him. For examlpe chip.gg as added us to there platform (they have less then 15 tokens and we 2 of them) and that is a great exposure for us (all chips.gg users knows about us that way). With GCR we hade bad luck as after the luna peg incident GCR has struggled to get their peg to gold and that chanched all the plans we had.

11) Can we have a regular date for amas or vcs to have updates on the development?

Our Team has kept to our tradition of being in the chat daily and giving updates and addressing concerns as and when required. For this reason AMAs are only necessary periodically.

12) Can’t we add new caves now? So if new investors come they can simply stake without any worry and will have good effect on the price of Leon

Because of the bear market not many projects are providing their tokens to Dexes for staking. The Team would have to buy tokens with its own resources if we intend to supply them for staking rewards. We believe there are more efficient use of our resources now than doing this.

13) What’s the full CUBS Dice mining progression? The image shared only shows the first 10 steps, and they look linear ($10, 11, 12, 13, etc).

As things stand there will be a total of 100 levels and the transaction volume requirements to mine CUBS will increase by X$ on every each level. But the difficulty will also get increesed. For example: on levels 1–10 every level will increase by 1$ but from level 10–20 it will increase by 2$, on levels 20–30 by 3$ and goes on.

The starting level will be 10$

14) Is distributing 5% from the den to users (2.5%) and team (2.5% ) is effective till long term? Or you have other plans of distributing rewards from den

We have not made a final decision about what proportion of the DEN pool will be paid out daily yet. Our initial plan was for the 5% daily payment but we are flexible on this as we want to take a decision which is in the best interest of our ecosystem.

15) I understand next month is the BIG month but do we have plans to bring confidence for new investors in the mean time? I understand all money could be saved for the big launch next month rather than spending it on a new cave for people

The confidence to provide for both existing and new investors is our commitment to building a vibrant ecosystem which will reward all stakeholders for years to come. We are long term minded and all our decisions are based on our understanding of what is best for our ecosystem in the long run.

16) About referrals, we need to give people a good reason to use these codes, especially if we want to make influencers convince their community to use their codes.

So do you guys planning on giving a % to people who used a referral code ?

we are doing the needed changes and both side will benefit from using a referral (the one who share and the one who uses it).

17) So this means that plans on October (3 games) can be change yet? Market sentiment now is fckd and in one month probably will be same. Nevertheless decision about launch postpone is completely understandable

Market conditions are not the biggest factor in our decision to postpone. We are committed to ensuring we launch in October as planned. We do however acknowledge that all plans are condition precedent. So all things being equal we will be launching the 3 games next month.

18) Will the marketing begin before any Features launch or only after?

We are perpetually engaged in marketing activities. As and when appropriate for us to undertake specific marketing activities we decide on the timing based on our understanding of what will give us the best outcomes.

19) One question from me especially to Eric.

We know Dice is very sensitive game since its connecting directly with real money. What technology will you guys use for Hash/RNG? Will user be able to check each seed? Because big players in crypto industry very like dice and fairness is no 1 in this system. And i believe they love to see team answer directly

We will have outcome checking validation that will enable you guys to check both the server seed as well as client seed of each round to prove fairness

20) A bit of topic but could mof make a statement regarding GCR? A lot of people still connect mof as “marketing head” with GCR and therefore say LCS is part of the rug.

We have been keeping tabs with things going on at GCR and have been reaching out to their Team in attempts to normalize things.

We have already taken many steps to address the situation and when it is appropriate for a final notice to be shared with the community that will be done.

21) If the market doesn’t recover are we delaying again?

As stated earlier, market conditions are not the biggest factor in our decision. All things being equal October is the launch.

22) just one suggestion….. we should remove LEOS tax also….and keep it 0 tax platform until we have other plans…in future … just a suggestion, it helps some small investors to buy, stake and trade on dex….. and people are more comfortable

Thank you for your suggestion. We have been flexible when it comes to this issue by suspending the LEOS transaction tax and reinstating it as well. We take this decision based on our understanding of what is in the best interest of the ecosystem.




LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model