Leonicorn Swap community AMA questions — TEAM’S RESPONSE

8 min readSep 24, 2022

1. Did the team consider doing a snapshot + airdrop for the merge Instead of a manual one? If yes — why did you choose to take the other route?

Yes, we considered this option but opted for the approach we are using because we believe that to be the optimal approach for us. For starters airdropping the tokens will mean holders will keep the airdropped LEON and their original LEOS. This creates the possibility for some people to attempt to scam others with the LEOS in circulation. Additionally people can freely move their LEOS around after a snapshot, and this can create potential problems when sending LEON as airdrop.

2. For the community, if people who have come away from crypto for their health and due to it being a bear market, when they come back and if they hold Leo’s, will they be given the same ratio of 1:28 if they contact team and prove wallets holding?

We encourage everyone to swap their LEOS for LEON within the stipulated time which will be announced. However, there will be opportunities to review every case for a late token swap on a case by case basis.

3. With caves Leon for leon, will we see low % apy to ensure we are not giving more Leon than what we are burning/using in games etc.

We always strive to balance the LEON emission rate to ensure it is commensurate with prevailing ecosystem conditions. Given the current market conditions and activity levels low emission rate is what works best so that is what we will be doing.

4. After we can exchange our LEOS to LEON on the 3rd of October, some may want to dump their holdings. Can the team say some words about how they are going to counter this potential selling wave?

It must be pointed out that the LEOS swap will commence on October 20th. Our revenue sharing model will be launching in October. The timing of the token merge is to correct structural limitations we had with our system before the launch of this industry first model. There are more planned and for people to look forward to in October and we believe when all things are considered there are strong reasons for people to hold their LEON and perhaps increase their positions. We will pursue a united front as a community and team as we work towards greater value creation in our ecosystem.

5. As far as I understand, we will see a new revamped DEX interface in October with many new features. Will there be a beta testing? We need to have a perfect launch with zero bugs and smooth UI.

It is part of our standard practice to prioritize security and ensure smooth execution of all updates and new features. There will be no difference with all the features and updates we will be rolling out. Everyone can be rest assured of this.

6. Locked Leos APR is 115 for 1 year so when will i swap LEOS i will get APR coins or not?

You will receive LEON for both your initial LEOS plus the interest earned when unlocked at a rate of 1 LEOS for 28 LEON.

7. My both coins are locked for 1 year so LEONS are safe right but LEOS we have to do it manually swap and you will make them unlock ??

All locked tokens are safe. At the time of the unlocking of LEOS it will be swapped automatically for LEON

8. After Swapping LEOS MC will merge into LEON right with that much supply ?

The liquidity for all LEOS pools will be added to LEON liquidity pools to maintain depth and reduce price impacts of transactions after the merge.

9. How long do we expect changes within the dice game to have a successful launch?

Dice game will launch on schedule as per the timeline we have already shared. We are on top of everything we are optimizing to ensure a smooth launch.

10. Is it possible to mint a large amount of LEON token on our contract to allocate all the leos holder within the said ratio?

There are no technical limitations to minting the quantity of LEON required for the token merge. We are on top of everything needed to ensure a successful merge.

11. Daniel said burning will be bigger than minting, if that’s the case, LEON will also be deflationary thanks

Apart from everything else already in place to ensure significant LEON token burns, 50% of all LEON the Team receives from the DEN will be burnt. We will keep working on additional functionalities and utilities which will increase token burn rate. Additionally, the emission rate will be kept low so there is a good emission to burn ratio

12. Cg & Cmc listings will be reapplied with new tokenomics?

We had long applied for LEON listing on Coinmarketcap and it was successfully added in the last couple of days. Coingecko also has LEON listed and we will keep working on adding LEON to other popular websites to optimize our exposure.

13. When do we expect cmc to list us as a dex and show the real price on tw?

LEON is already successfully listed on Coinmarketcap. This was done on Thursday 22nd September 2022. We always work with them to pick price feed from reliable sources.

14. Will there still be a LEON-LEON cave in the future?

Yes, there will continue to be the opportunity to stake LEON to earn LEON in our Caves.

15. What is your main plan to keep building value of LEON?

Everything we do daily is aimed at increasing value in our ecosystem. The token merger is an important piece of the puzzle. We will keep adding functionality to our ecosystem apart from all the ones we already have such as Futures Trading, Bridges, DEX aggregation. NFT marketplace is being developed and we will be launching our GameFi and revenue sharing model shortly. Additionally we will keep working on new partnerships and multiple marketing activities.

16. Any other plans to add more caves besides bet this year?

We are always seeking to attract good projects to our Caves. We anticipate to have a few added in the course of this year and beyond.

17. Will Leon have a tax?

No, there has not been any consideration to introduce transaction tax on LEON.

18. Do we have plans to market in places other than ama’s in TG groups or twitter spaces such as dextools and other crypto investment heavy places to attract more investors?

We always choose marketing avenues and tools based on a myriad of factors and the objectives we want to achieve. That is a commitment we have made to ensure we keep growing so every viable tool and avenue is on the cards.

19. With the crypto market bleeding, how confident do you think our dex will sustain a healthy growth?

We have not let up on our desire to keep building new features and functionalities to our ecosystem. We believe having greater functionality and features generate organic growth and value creation. We are confident when the crypto market turns our efforts will propel our ecosystem to new heights.

20. It was often said and discussed about the fact that the project need VC (Venture Capital) and a listing on a big Cex like kucoin, Binance…to bring volume and money for big marketing


- Do the Merge is one of the key of these?

- What is the statement about this aim (VCs and Listing)

We believe the token merge is an important part of all the things we aspire to attain as an ecosystem. Going forward we can have better focus and channel our energies to secure better outcomes. We continue to pursue all viable opportunities to secure more funding for our operations and we are confident the token merger will only help in this endeavor.

21. What will be the leon minting per day after the merge?

The LEON minting rate is always flexible. It is reduced or increased based on our understanding of what is the best for our ecosystem.

22. What are the plans to bring more users over to LeonicornSwap from other DEXes, e.g. PancakeSwap? What are the incentives for them to use LeonicornSwap?

We are confident our Bridge and Dex aggregation functionalities make us attractive to other DEX users. Plus we have an industry first revenue sharing model and everyone using our ecosystem can earn CUBS which is required to earn from our revenue sharing model. This is expected to create a good incentive for DEX users to choose us. Furthermore, there will be numerous marketing activities to attract DEX users to our ecosystem.

23. How much time do you think it’ll take to back on track

Like we was waiting for Leo’s to hit ath again

How much time Leon will take to back on track again

We have always remained on track as an ecosystem. We operate with flexibility to respond to changing market and other conditions. As an ecosystem which is being built to remain relevant for many years we are not perturbed by short term price fluctuations. We are confident all who stick with us will be rewarded very handsomely in the years to come.

24. When will the NFT Marketplace release? Will it be simple marketplace where creators must manually mint each NFT and then people purchase? Or….Will there be a launchpad (the ability for buyers to mint/purchase nft at click of a button?

What kinds of tracking features will be included on marketplace? Floor price? Analytics?

We are developing our NFT marketplace to have functionalities and features that will rival the best the industry has to offer. Therefore, everything that is required to attain this will be included in our NFT marketplace.

25. In the article it seems like the merge swap will be opened for a limited time only. Is that the case? And if yes when will we get to know for how long the merge is open?

Yes a timeframe within which people can swap their tokens will be announced. We will ensure it is adequate for everyone to swap their LEOS for LEON.

26. When new caves are brought in, will there be auto-compounding? Competing with big DEX means we need to have these convenient features

We will keep adding features and functionalities that increase our competitiveness. This will be considered if we believe it will beneficial for our ecosystem.

27. With the new initial of 1.3 billion and more to come into circulation over time what’s the plan to combat diluting?

First of all we have been careful to swap LEOS for LEON at a rate which favorably matches equivalent value. Additionally, we significantly reduced LEON required to swap for LEOS by burning a lot of LEOS, like the entire 21 million LEOS allocated to the seed sale round and 25% of the Team’s LEOS holding (10 million LEOS).

It must also be reiterated that 50% of all LEON the Team will receive from the DEN will be burnt. Furthermore the DEN itself slowly pay out the accumulated LEON and thus contribute to reducing circulating supply.

Going forward, LEON emission rate will be carefully guarded to ensure it is appropriate for ecosystem demand.

28. Do you plan to add more liquidity to Leon-BNB pair after the merge apart from the one which would be transferred from Leos? Considering the potential big inflow of new investors and fomo factor — it would encourage and facilitate bigger buys from people and reduce the price impact

The liquidity in all LEOS pools will be added to the LEON liquidity after the merge. We are also working on ways to increase the depth of our LP so that we can minimize price impacts and increase confidence in our ecosystem.




LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model