Leonicorn Swap ECOSYSTEM 2023 Full Roadmap

4 min readApr 17, 2023

Leonicorn Ecosystem has been online for nearly two years now. Together with our community, we have experienced numerous changes and ups and downs. Even so, we have shown our resolve to continue to innovate, adapt and confront any challenges we have faced as we forge ahead and grow.

We are happy to share with our community the development priorities of our Ecosystem for the remainder of 2023. Before then, let us review what we have already accomplished in the first quarter of 2023. We successfully merged LEOS and LEON tokens into our new ecosystem token, $LEONS. This was a necessary restructuring to streamline things and improve ecosystem security. We also launched our industry-first reward-sharing system, where users receive part of all exosystem revenue every 72 hours for holding $CUBS tokens. We launched MineFi with Dice as its first game in connection with our reward-sharing system launch.

Here are the highlights of what to expect for the rest of the Year in the Leonicorn Ecosystem:

First Quarter (Jan — March 2023)

We started our Year with our Major Burning System, our Gamefi Dice. Also, there was another significant event in our First quarter, which was LEOS/LEON MERGE TO LEONS. There are several achievements we reached this Year.

In Q1, we also did Big Marketing campaigns with the top calls group.

Second Quarter (April — June 2023)

We intend to add more utility to the $LEONS by launching the Initial Jungle Offering (IJO)/Initial Dex Offering (IDO) marketplace. Participants in IJO/IDOs will be required to stake $LEONS to participate.

We also intend to have a fully functional DEX on Nautilus Chain, the first streaming payment blockchain. We want to be among the first DEXES on Nautilus and potentially benefit as an early mover. We do this as an ecosystem with nearly two years of experience and a highly engaged community.

We also released our TESTNET DICE ON the Nautilus chain.

Third Quarter (July to September 2023)

The focus in this quarter will be the release of three main products on our DEX: The Bag Robbery Game, Lottery and our long-awaited NFT Marketplace. We strive to ensure our Ecosystem has all the industry-stable products and services.

Fourth Quarter (October to December 2023)

The focus of the Year's final quarter will be launching a special burning event to reduce the circulating supply of $LEONS significantly. At the same time, we will launch binary/algorithm trading to increase the number of unique trading products in our Ecosystem. The algorithm trading service will be based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the true spirit of flexibility and responding to emerging opportunities in the crypto Ecosystem, we will likely see more added to our current roadmap in the Year.

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LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model