Leonicorn Swap October Recap

6 min readOct 30, 2021


October 2021 has been a special month for our Leonicorn family. As we say our goodbyes to October and welcome the delightful month of November, we wanted to take a time to look back at everything we’ve done and we’ve accomplished throughout October and thank our astonishing Leonicorn Swap community. None of this would be possible without them! Let’s take a look.

LEON Public Sale

Thanks to our wonderful community, we were able to raise 3M USD in $LEON public sale, which was a huge success for $LEON.


Chainlink VRF Integration

We announced that Leonicorn Swap will integrate Chainlink VRF to access a verifiably tamper-proof source of randomness within our lucky draw games and surprise NFT loot boxes. The end result is a more transparent and provably fair way to select winners and distribute random rewards via on-chain games, all in a manner that is publicly auditable. More information here.

Tenset Partnership

We partnered with Tenset as a silver sponsor in their platform, giving airdrop to users who lock their tokens for a certain period.

Btok Campaign

We executed the biggest Chinese community group Btok deal expanding our reach to the Chinese community. Which attracted more Chinese investors. Our Chinese community group went from around 2k to 37k members, which is a great achievement for our Leonicorn Swap family. Leonicorn Swap is Live on Btok.

Leonicorn Swap Audit

According to the Hacken club audit report we are highly secured and highest in ranking. Check the audit report here.

LEON & LEOS on Kanga Exchange

IEO for $LEON was held on Kanga exchange making it first IEO token on Kanga exchange with a gold sponsor with $LEON airdrop and with great success! The IEO of LEON $1M ended in 3 seconds. We achieved 12x on just launch day, which is again a great achievement.

Just after 1 week of $LEON listing on Kanga exchange, We listed $LEON brother $LEOS with trading pair LEOS/USDT.

Now you can trade both $LEOS and $LEON on Kanga exchange.

Trade LEON
Trade LEOS

CHIPS.GG Partnership

We partnered with CHIPS.GG : Chips provides a unique casino experience by offering the most exciting and expansive selection of online casino games available, combined with a never seen before player reward system.

They added $LEOS and $LEON to their gaming platform with Big promotion of $10,000 $LEOS wager race and $50,000 wager competition (ongoing).

Live Banner In NY Times Square

LEOS Staking Pool Replenished

Yep, Team added more team tokens worth $4M $LEOS into the $LEOS staking pool for 180/365 days giving more staking opportunity to new investors.

No you can stake Leos and Leon both in our DEX.


In appreciation of love and support from the lovely community, Team decided to drop a $50,000 twitter Giveaway for five people $10000 USDT each which will end on 31st OCT. You still have change if you are reading this before winners are picked. Tweet for giveaway here.


Yep throughout whole October $LEOS was able to hit ATH after ATH.

Oct 1st $LEOS price was $0.5 and after hitting ATH after ATH $LEOS was able to reach $2 which is a proud moment for $LEOS family. You guys are really amazing.

21st October DEX Launch Day

DEX Link : https://dex.leonicornswap.com

The moment Leonicorn Swap family have been waiting for the past 5 months finally arrived. Beginning of an exciting journey.

It was a successful smooth launch, huge respect to devs team for working hard and also huge thanks and respect to community members for support and love. We reached $29m TVL in the first 3 hours and $33m TVL in just 16 hours.

After the successful launch of DEX Team did buyback of 4.1million $LEON and burned them from the entire token supply.

Since staking started on our DEX the acceleration of $LEOS burn increased so much and burned 141k $LEOS worth 224.3k USDT in just 24 hours.

Leaving total circulating supply under 10 million

Added New Pairs to Our Meat Farming Pool

USDT — BUSD (stable tokens)
USDC — DAI (stable tokens )

Binance Bridge

Check it out on http://dex.leonicornswap.com

Inter-blockchain liquidity service is easily accessible through Leonicorn Swap DEX. People can bring liquidity from TRX, SOL, ETHEREUM to Binance Chain Network and vice versa.


Yep $LEON is listed in COINTIGER which is another great achievement for the Leonicorn Swap family. You can participate in $LEON giveaway, more info here.

Now you can trade $LEON in COINTIGER, Kanga exchange and Our DEX Leonicorn Swap.


“Time has arrived for community Vote for $LEOS

We have thought long and hard about the future of LEOS and how we need to list on top exchanges such as Binance.

Now that many people stake $LEOS the deflationary positives are not felt by this so we want to take this token to the next level by listing on exchanges such as Kucoin, Okex, Binance etc.

To do this we need to change the tax to 0%.

This will also benefit people who stake $LEOS in the future due to no TAX.

We will make a poll now and please vote below”

Maximum community members voted to change TAX to 0% on $LEOS. This will give us an opportunity to list on MAJOR tier CEX.

Now holders don’t need to pay 3% tax on each transaction which means people who have staked huge amounts of $LEOS will have great returns without any tax.


Dear Leosarmy,

Our plan was to release Lottery on Oct 30. Following our DEX release, we have found that Info and API server is more important than Lottery launch. Firstly, most users want $LEON Price Chart, Total Volume and Total Liquidity Chart. Secondly, when we tried to integrate with Partners, for example with Chips or another partner yet to be announced, they also need to pick our $LEON price feed. Thirdly to list on CMC / CG we need API server. Because of all these reasons we have made Info module and API module high priority than Lottery and other things. Our current plan is to push Lottery to November after Info and API are completed. As always we trust our community is our biggest strength and we want to maintain our open communication. We want to assure all that November will be great month for our ecosystem because so many needed things will come live on our DEX. In the meantime new liquidity pairs will be live soon and we are planning to add some DOGs soon to get part of hype.

What to expect in November ?

  • $LEON Price Chart
  • Total Volume
  • Total Liquidity Chart
  • Lottery
  • Initial Jungle Offerings (IJO)
    and many more.

DEX: https://dex.leonicornswap.com/
Website: https://www.leonicornswap.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/swapleonicorn
Telegram: t.me/leonicornswap
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bG9RqyGKwE




LEONICORN SWAP is a advance AMM with deflationary token model