Migrate Code Mitigation

1 min readNov 25, 2021

Why we kept Migrator code in MasterHunter.sol


Allows easy movement of Liquidity Pairs when there is a need of smart contract upgrade in future.

For the same reason, even our Audit company Hacken didn’t comment on this

Though we kept for good intention, some users thought this will be dangerous and we decided to mitigate this by following way

We have disabled ‘Migrator code’ in our DEX smart contracts by disallowing setting the migrator address by owner and also disabled code to ‘reclaim LEON Ownership’

No one can call setMigrator function and that means no more migrate functionality (No way to move Liquidity Pairs).

This solution is far far better than timelock which some DEX projects implemented and also no disturbance to present dex deployed smart contracts.

MasterHunter.sol ownership is transferred to smart contract address 0xc1B66475598dabb3dBC627D040Fbc9E1161b4D8b

and it has only 7 Write functions

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